Look at these carcases for 3 month old lambs, out of a Texel compasite ewe
and sired by a Texel.


These cuts are off of the carcase on the above right, which had a 57% dress weight.

Some of the Texel Sires of our 2006 Prime Lamb Drop. Look at the quality of those rams!

TOP: 2003 Drop Ram Lambs
BOTTOM: 2004 Drop Ram Lambs

Meat prepared by Plaza Meats from some of our Texel X Lambs



Birth Weight: 6.3kg     Birth Date: 29-05-2002

2 Months: 33.0kg     Date: 02-08-2002     Fat Depth: 3mm Eyemuscle: 33mm

3 Months: 52.0kg     Date: 04-09-2002

6 Months: 80.5kg     Date: 04-12-2002

9 Months: 101.5kg     Date: 03-02-2003

11 Months: 116.5kg     Date: 08-05-2003     Fat Depth: 5mm     Eyemuscle: 48mm

12 Months: 122.5kg     Date: 03-06-2003

Single: Mum Died At 2.5 Months Old

Son of 02/005 - Ripper

1st - Group of one Ram and
2 Ewes at Sheepvention 2006


2006 Lambs


2006 Show Ewes

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